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      Finally and exclusively available at motogadget – the signal adapter for Triumph Twin (air cooled) and Triple models with CAN bus technology!

      In the past, it was not possible to remove the original instruments on the Triumph 2-cylinder models (years 2011 and later) and 3-cylinder models (years 2006 and later). Except for the Breakout Box Triumph – exclusively designed for motoscope Pro – there was no way to operate a motogadget instrument.

      Once the original instrument was disconnected, the built-in CAN bus of these models instantly became inoperative. No mods were even possible. The solution – specially designed for use with Twin models – has arrived: the mo.tri, exclusively at motogadget.

      The mo.tri not only provides engine speed and ground speed, but also the signals for the indicator lights: left/right turn signal, low fuel indicator, error memory, high beam, neutral, water temp HIGH, oil pressure.
      Note that some of the indicator lights on instruments with 4 or 5 LEDs are multi-functional.

      Another big advantage is the fool-proof installation. The original connector is used, and the cables for the instrument and indicator lights are connected to the terminals of the mo.tri with colour codes. No soldering or cable detection. No changing the wiring harness. No voiding the vehicle warranty. This simple installation is almost Plug 'n' Ride. It saves time ...and money.

      Currently, the models listed above are available. Further models/years will gradually follow.

      Please select your model and its model year. Please note that the model year is not necessarily identical to the year of manufacture. Position "11" in the vehicle identification number (from left) identifies the model year. Example: "8" = 2008, "A" = 2010, "B" = 2011, "C" = 2012 etc.

      Parts delivered

      • mo.tri adapter
      • connector (matching the model selected)
      • end ferrules
      • 2x M3 screws
      • cable holder
      • cable ties

      Specifications and features

      Length/ Width/ Height 42 mm/ 42 mm/ 27 mm