The Mo.CAN OBD is a digital adapter for the problem-free connection of our instruments directly at the diagnostic interface of a Harley-Davidson ™ from 2004. Plug & Drive, it could hardly be easier. With a tiny box, the installation of sensors is superfluous for speed or speed.

Every Harley Davidson ™ from the year of construction 2004* has this interface as a 3-pin connector on the vehicle. With the help of the digital adapter MO.CAN OBD, which is simply inserted on this plug connection, MotoGadget instruments can read the speed, speed and MIL (motor warning lamp) from the vehicle data bus directly.

A power supply via the OBD interface is also possible. For example, the operation of a 'Motoscope Mini' is possible without further connection work on the motorcycle. The instrument is simply connected to the Mo.Can OBD. All compatibility problems between instruments and original speed sensors, especially with H-D models from 2007, are solved.

The signal for the MIL (malfunction indicator light) for error messages on the engine and periphery is also read out and can be displayed when an LED/warning lamp is connected. This makes it possible to remove the original instruments completely **.

The Mo.Can OBD consists only of a tiny, fully cast box, a 4-pin OBD plug and a sufficiently long connection cable. It is resistant to vibrations and weather influences. Its function is guaranteed up to 5V on-board voltage and thus corresponds to all SAE specifications for motorcycles.

* With H-D softtail from model year 2011, Dyna from model year 2012, XL from model year 2014, as well as all other models with HD-LAN is not possible. SAE J1850 only for bus system.

** For certain models such as V-ROD, removing the original speedometer can lead to problems with the ECU / immobilizer. Please inquire about this from the dealer you trust or test this before a conversion, e.g. by disconnecting the original speedometer. The immobilizer may have to be deactivated.
  • speed
  • number of revolutions
  • Mil (Engine Warning)
  • Bord voltage directly from the diagnostic interface
  • Specifications and features
  • Length/width/height of the box 38 mm/19mm/13mm
  • Length of the cable from the connector approx. 1000 mm
  • Weight with plugs and cables approx. 36 g
  • Plug-in standard OBD interface (German Connectors)
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