Repair Request

Before returning an article, please make sure that there actually is a defect. Please check the information in the Manual. Should that not help, you can always use our support formula.

If there is a fault caused by Motogadget and your receipt proves valid warranty conditions, we will usually replace or repair the product free of charge. If the Product is not defective but the malfunction is caused by wrong handling, wiring or setup we will charge a fixed device test rate.

Repair costs

• Products up to 100 EUR retail price: 10 EU
• Products over 100 EUR retail price: 20 EUR.

If you send back products for repair or replacement from a country outside the European Union to Motogadget GmbH in Germany, please follow this important guide for correct customs declaration. We do not accept any parcel / goods with charge of customs fees or VAT. These goods will not be sent back by customs and may be completely lost.

Rules for non-EU customers

  • All documents and declarations for customs and postal service have to be marked clearly as Return Item / Repair Item
  • The value of the goods has to be declared with 1 EUR. Never declare 0 EUR.
  • If you have to describe the goods further, please use the term Speedometer for ground vehicles with the customs no. 90292031.

Please send returns to:

motogadget GmbH
Koepenicker Str. 145
10997 Berlin Germany

Personal Information

Vehicle Information

Product Information


For fast proceed with your request we need a detailed failure description.

In case of missing or nonspecific description, i.e. "this part is defective", we have to contact you, which will delay your request.

Please note that we possibly have to remove cable plug connectors. We do not take responsibility of damage or lost of these parts.

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Generate PDF of Request.
Please download the PDF after this step, print and add it to your parcel.

Your request will be processed as soon as possible. For further correspondence, please refer to the case number.