Mo.View stem relocation set

Please note: A pack contains 1 relocation kit for 1 mirror.

The Mo.View stem relocation kit enables the move of all Mo.View mirror with normal mirror arm with 150 mm or 180 mm. It optionally enables the mirror to increase 25 mm up or 25 mm in the direction of travel or both. It fits the Mo.View Classic (XL), Mo.view Sport (XL), Mo.view Flight (XL), Mo.view Club (XL) and Mo.View Race (XL).

It is made of CNC-made and anodized black. All screws are made of stainless steel. The assembly on the mirror recording is done with one of the three M10 screws included.

The Mo.View Stem Relocation Kit is supplied with two spacers and four stainless steel screws.
Offer49,00 EUR
SKU: 7001075