Mon. Relay Standard

The Mon. Relay is a very small relay for control of almost all consumers. Beoplich, low beam, horn, ignition, etc. can be switched easily and almost loss -free. Larger working currents are thus placed near the consumer (e.g. lamp). Only a minimal control current has to be managed via the ignition lock and/or handlebar switch. Failures and smeared contacts belong to the past. In addition, the brightness of the lighting is noticeably improved by reduced cable losses - a clear plus in security.

A central threaded hole on the upper housing surface enables the simple assembly to almost every place, even when installing several Mo.Relay. The housing of the Mo.Relay is turned from full aluminum and black. It is completely waterproof and vibration -resistant.

Note: The Mo.Relay is not suitable as a button control. You can find these at Mo.unit. The Mo.Relay is not suitable as a blinkrelais. You can find this at Mo.flash, Mo.Wave, Mo.Stop or with button control at Mo.Relay+.

  • Diameter without cable: 19 mm
  • Height: 19 mm
Offer29,00 EUR
SKU: 4000005