Mon.lock NFC wiring harness

As a complete solution, the MO.LOCK wiring harness enables a very quick and easy installation of the MO.Lock into the vehicle on the vehicle's vehicle.

Simply place the relay in the delivery of the Mo.lock in the appropriate relay socket of the wiring harness, connect three prepared cables to the MO.LOCK and connect two ring Ös to the battery poles - done! No soldering or crimping is required. All cables are pre -assembled and the integrated 40A main fuse ensures the new electrical system centrally and safely.
  • Cable from relay to secure to +12V and mass: 60 cm
  • Cable from relay to Mo.lock NFC: 150 cm
  • Cable from relay to the spare network: 150 cm
  • Integrated relay socket
  • Integrated 40A vehicle head protection
  • Pre -denominated battery connection (M6 Ring Esen)
Offer69,00 EUR
SKU: 4002011