MO.CAN J1850 (Harley-Davidson)

The Mo.CAN J1850 is the digital adapter for the problem -free connection from our instruments plus control lights directly on the original wiring harness. No soldering, no crimping. The wiring harness is not damaged and the guarantee remains.

Depending on the selected model, the correct connector connectors for connection to the original wiring harness are included. Only connect the supplied connector to the H-D wiring harness, connect the plug on the clamping strip of the Mo.CAN J1850. Almost plug ride, it couldn't be easier.

The Mo.CAN J1850 is suitable for all H-D with TwinCam motor from 2004, plugs from German and dashboard on the tank (Twincam). Also suitable for all H-D Sportster from 2004 with plugs from German (XL German) and all H-D Sporters from 2004 with plugs from Molex (XL Molex). Furthermore, suitable for all H-D VROD with plugs from German (VRSC).

Note: Not compatible with all models with H-D LAN such as softtail from model 2011, all rockers models, Dyna models from 2012, XL from 2014 and all models with H-D LAN or which have the instruments on the fork bridge.
  • speed
  • number of revolutions
  • Control lamp Mil (Check Engine Warning)
  • Control light indicator
  • Control lamp highlight
  • Consolidated lamp oil pressure
  • Control lamp tank reserve (if available)
  • Control lamp alarm on

Be unable to

  • Control lamp ABS (if available)
  • Control lamp 6th course (if available)
  • Charging control lamp (if available)
  • Tank clock (if available)

scope of delivery
  • MO.CAN J1850 adapter with 32 connection clamps
  • 2 x M3 fastening screws
  • 32 Aderend sleeves
  • Petual plate for cable attachment and tract relief
  • 2 cable ties
  • Specifications and features
  • Length/ width/ height without connector 42 mm/ 42 mm/ 26.5 mm
  • Weight with plugs and cables approx. 70 g
  • Plugs different depending on the model, see photos
  • Attachment with two threaded bolt M3
Offer159,00 EUR
Modell H-D: Twincam
SKU: 4003113